The Creepiest Urban Legends Ever Told

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Did You Know Any Of These Creepy And Very Scary Stories?
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When it comes to urban legends, while there is no confirmation that these creepy stories are real, there isn’t much evidence to prove that they didn’t happen either. Today’s urban legends will become the future’s myths and folklore of the past. But given that many of these urban legends are based on an element of truth, one has to wonder where the line is drawn between real and pretend. Thanks to the internet, these urban legends are spreading like wildfire faster than ever. The critically minded folks will tend to toss these stories aside as messed up fairytales. But the ones who are more open-minded may find themselves looking over their shoulders a bit more. Here are some of the creepiest urban legends that have ever been told.

The story of the No End House tells of a man who was challenged to spend an entire night in a house along with going through the 9 torture chambers for $500. The man accepted and completed the challenge and earned his money. However, when he woke up the next morning it turns out that he never left the house.

Modern day urban legends have the Internet to thank when it comes to spreading a story. The Smile.jpg story is a photo of a dog with a sinister smile and a bloody handprint in the background. The story is that if you look at the photo you will lose your mind and go insane. Speaking of insane, there was children show that supposedly existed in the 1970’s called “Candle Cove” that featured creepy puppets that ate human skin and terrorized the children who were cast in the show. Parents don’t remember the show besides the fact that their children asked to watch it, and then went on to watch static for 30 minutes.

The story of the Slender Man hit news waves in the past year, as two children stabbed a friend of theirs 19 times in order to appease the fictional creature. The legend became popular thanks to the website, creepypasta, and tells of a tall being with no face that kidnaps children and then has them kill for him. Even though it is confirmed that the legend was made up by the Internet, it didn’t stop a few children from trying to make an offering to him. The Rake is also a well-known urban legend that was created on the Internet thanks to an edited video and photographs. The story behind the Rake tells the tale of a couple that sees a long-limbed creature in their bedroom, once noticed, it leaps onto the bed and puts its face right in front of the couple, before scurrying away to the children’s bedrooms.

These modern day urban legends don’t just stay in North America. In fact, there is an urban legend in Japan of a slit-mouthed woman who wanders the streets with a knife. She will ask people if they think she is beautiful. If they say yes, she will cut their faces to look like her. If they say no, she will kill them.

There’s more where that came from too. Whether you believe in these urban legends or not, you’ve now been exposed to them. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be the next victim of one of the creatures on this list.
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