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Hellllllo my loves! FIRST OFF... THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SOOOO SO MUCH for all the amazing birthday wishes. You all seriously have no idea how happy you make me! Thank you for making this birthday the best yet. I am announcing A BIG giveaway this weekend so stay tuned!

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The other day Brett & I recorded this video! We asked on FB & Twitter to list questions about dating & so on! It's always cool to hear a guys perspective on things related to dating. I wish someone told me some of these things when I was younger... would have probably helped me a whole lot. But for me, I learned all I know (dating wise) mostly the hard way. Through my own mistakes and defeats I learned a whole lot about dating and my own self! I never realized all the important steps I had to take for MYSELF before I could have a healthy relationship with anybody else. No one ever really teaches you this stuff, so I thought it would be important to share our opinions. Of course EVERYONE has different opinions and stories so I'm not saying that Brett & I are 100% right. This day and age the influence on our younger generation is not anything to be proud of in some cases. We want you all to know that you don't have to settle for less than you deserve. You don't need to stay with someone because you're afraid there is nobody else. You need to first find strength in yourself so you never have to rely on somebody else and feel stuck. I hope you don't mind the 20 min video! We always talk wayyyy to much! I love you guys SO much! XO Carli

***for those saying I "kept interrupting him" I can see why it may look that way but i had to take over an hour of footage and cut it down. I've had a lot more dating experience and have a lot more realistic answers that I felt you all should hear

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