A Jonas Brothers Horror Story Chapter 7

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Description: Published 9 years ago

OMNJ! WHEN I WAS SINGING TODAY I MESSED UP IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!! I'm gonna get the video of me singing and put it on YouTube! Then you can see how horribly I messed up!!=-)
(they saw Gabby's house well the REMAINS of her house coveredin people and big trucks and worky machines)
G: (runs up to one of the guys)
-WD=Worker Dude-
WD: THIS AIN'T YOUR HOUSE LITTLE GIRL! So I suggest you get off the construction site before I MAKE you get off!
G: (gets up in his face)And how are you gonna do THAT?!
WD: Like this!(punches her)
G: (falls on the ground and sits there for a second holding her chin then hops back up when hes not looking and knocks him out)(walks back to the others who were staring at her with thier mouths open)I would close your mouth before a fly goes down your throat.
N,J,K,C,H: (close thier mouths)
J: How in the WORLD did you knock him out?!
N: How'd you do that?!
K: I didn't know you had it in ya ,Gabs!
H: Wowie.
C: Can you do that to Jesse?!
G: (when Camille said Jesse's name she froze up)
C: Gabby? Gabs? Snap out of it!
G: (sient, just stares into space then starts walking to the car)
N: (follows her)Gabby? Gabby? Gabster? Gabs? Gabrielle? GABRIELLE CARA CLARK! DO YOU READ ME?!
G: (snaps out of it)Please don't EVER call me Gabrielle again! OK? Thank you!
(walks off)
H: (comes up to Nick)Wow. You're the first person that called her Gabrielle and didn't wake up the next morning with a black eye. She must REALLY like you or else she just forgot and in just a second is going to come up and punch you.
G: (walks up to Nick)Hey Nick I forgot to do something just a second ago....
N: Crap.
G: What? I was just gonna ask if you would help with making dinner.
N: Oh! Sure! Of course I will! But you don't have a kitchen or a house.
G: Haha! I know so thats why we aren't going to MAKE dinner we're going to BUY dinner!(walks off to the car with Nick close behind her)
K: (already sitting in the car with Joe, Hannah, and Camille)
G: (gts into the car and goes to the very back seats)
N: (goes and sits beside her)
(a few minutes pass)
H: (starts humming)
C: (starts humming the same thing)
G: (sings along to thier humming)
N,J,K: (stare at them like they're crazy)
N,J,K: Nothing.....
G: Hmph!(turns her head and looks out the window)
H: (sticks her tongue out at Joe then looks out the window)
C: (shrugs)
(they get to the !!!PIZZA!!!-A.N. I don't know why I did that- place)
(they go inside and Kevin orders a big cheese pizza with cheese filled breadsticks-A.N. Crap. Now I want some pizza!-)
J: Hannah?
H: (ignores him)
N: Gabs?
G: (ignores him)
K: Millie?
C: What?
K: OK good. I was making sure you weren't deaf like Gabby and Hannah.
(the waitress brings the pizza and then stops for a minute and starts flirting with Joe and Nick)
W: Wow. I just LOVE your hair! The way its all curly is almost too hot for me to handle.(runs her hand thru his hair)
N: Hey! Hands off the hair!
W: How about we (points at Nick and her)go over there and talk over pizza?
N: Uh...hehe....no thanks...
W: Well why not?(leans on the table and bends down which gives hima full view of down her shirt)
N: (nervous)Because I have to...uh...I..uh...
G: H has to stay with his GIRLFRIEND!
W: Well who is his "girkfriend?!?!"
G: I am!(smiles at Nick and grabs his hand)
W: Mhm! If you ARE then KISS!
G: Well....uh...we...uh.....
N: Fine. We'll do it! Since you know we kiss all the time. Since we're dating. Yeah. We do. ALL THE TIME.
W: OK then do it. NOW.
G: Nick are yo-(is inturupted by Nick kissing her)
(they kiss for about 8min. at 3min. the waitress had rolled her eyes and left)
G: (pulled away)
H: Finally. I thought I was going to have to use a toilet plunger to get you 2 apart!
N,G: (blushes)
J: Hahahahaha!
H: What?
J: WATCH THIS!(he puts his face in his pizza then he picks his face back up and there was an imprint of his face)
H: Wooooow. I WANNA TRY THAT!!!(she does what Joe did)AWESOME DUDE!
G,N: LEMME TRY!(they stuff thier faces into the pizza then pick them up)DUDE THAT IS KEWL!!!!
G: Oooo! Now I have got pizza all over my face!!!
K,C: (look at them and roll thier eyes then start laughing)
H,J,G.N: Weirdos.
C,K: Speak for yourselves!
(sigh)No obvious cliffhanger. No NOT obvious cliffhanger either. WATCH STUDIO DC ON DISNEY CHANNEL AUGUST 3 AT 7!!!!!

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