Karza hai Karza: Funny Vijay Mallya Song (Parda hai Parda Parody)

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Description: Published 1 year ago

We breakdown the saga of the enigmatic Vijay Mallya and his bankruptcy with the help of the Amar Akbar Anthony classic- Parda Hain Parda.

Dr. Vijay Mallya now owes 9000 crores to many banks and has left the country. His Kingfisher airlines is bankrupt and he has been removed from the board at United Brewery. Only Royal Challangers Bangalore is left!

Aadar Malik brings on his qawwali A-game as he seeks to entertain and educate you about how Vijay Mallya ushered and succeeded in pulling off this long con!

Cast: Kunal Kamra
Kashish Malik
Jessica Nicholas
Trupti Khamkar
Hitesh Malukarni
SnG Comedy
DOP- Prashant Dandekar
Audio Mixing- Adit Khanzode
Sound Arrangement- Ankur Shrivastava
Live Percussion (Dholak)- Rahul Sharma
Song Lyrics- Aadar Malik
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