Makeup MISTAKES to AVOID! +13 Tips for a Flawless Face

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Description: Published 3 years ago

THUMBS UP if you toooo made some of these mistakes! ;P
**NEW 2015 UPDATE OF THIS VIDEO!! NEW TRICKS!! https://pardaa.com/watch/lruXBzjMzsM

For 13 TIPS on how to achieve a flawless face with makeup, check out my blog: http://www.thebeautybybel.com/2014/04/makeup-mistakes-to-avoid-13-tips-for.html

********How I fill in my brows: https://pardaa.com/watch/dt2MJq0Tml4
*How I contour & highlight: https://pardaa.com/watch/pNTgBpQjO9M
*How I contour & highlight with DRUGSTORE products: https://pardaa.com/watch/6Wo564UVPNQ
*CREAM Contour & Highlight: https://pardaa.com/watch/_50DlltpTOY

Hello my loves!!! I've had this video idea for awhile now but finally got around to filming it!!! I know a few other gurus have done a similar video, but I wanted to do MY take on it. :D As a self taught makeup artist, I always figured out new tricks by first doing them wrong. I have always been a trial and error girl! Now a days you can google or youtube any question you have and WA LAAA it pops up!! So here I am to talk you through each step to achieve a flawless look :) I am by no means bashing anyone by making this video. WE ALL HAVE done these mistakes! I hope you guys enjoy my take on this type of video! It was definitely a lot of fun to make for you guys!!! Makeup is all about accentuating your own natural beauty. When applied correctly it can really change your whole look. XOXO Carli

13 Makeup Tips for a Flawless Face!

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For a list of ALL products & outfit details: http://www.thebeautybybel.com/2014/04/easter-pastels-makeup-tutorial.html

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