5 Strongest Signs of Aliens and Alien Life | Alien Proof Documentary 2017 | NASA Alien Sightings

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Here are the 5 strongest signs of aliens and alien life that we have! Alien Proof Documentary 2017 | Alien Sightings by Viral Empire. Are we alone in this universe? IS there a secret NASA government conspiracy to cover up information on the existence of aliens and UFO's? Find out all these secrets in our Alien proof documentary video by Viral Empire. Alien video and aliens caught on tape!

In the vast universe, are there extra terrestrial life out there waiting to make contact with earth from mars? What if they have already made contact in the form of UFO's scanning our atmosphere and alien abductions that are carried out to find out more about our species?

Maybe the government already know about the existence of extraterrestrial life and all this is just a conspiracy to cover up the truth from the people. In this video, we outline some of the most concrete evidence for the existence of aliens that we can find. Secureteam 10 is a youtube channel dedicated to unearthing the evidence of aliens and UFO's and we highlight this in our secret alien documentary in mars.

This video includes 5 segments:
1. The pyramids of Giza as proof of alien technology in human history.
2. Government Cover ups and conspiracy to hide the truth such as the Roswell Crash Incident and testimonies from High ranking officials and military personnel such as famouse Apollo 14 AStronaut whistleblower Edgar Mitchell.
3. The sheer size of the Universe. The drake equation calculates the probabitity of alien life existing in the universe. The Size of the universe is so big with billions of galaxies just like the universe and many more earth like planets. The chances of alien life somewhere out there is almost a mathematical certainty.
4. The robustness of life and how life can form in many difficult circumstances and Alien life is sure to form out there.
5. Alien Abductions and stories being suppressed and discredited by paranoid conspiracy theory channels and movies like the X-files and Men in Black and famouse locations like area 51. Many alien abduction stories and true accounts can be found out there.

There are many truths hidden all around us such as secrets behind area 51 and NASA signals being hidden from the public. It's time we expose the truth about aliens, UFO's and show the world that alien life exists!

There are many government officials and expert whistleblowers who are being silenced to hide the truth.
area 51 alien and alien footage found on ufo and leak by government officials can prove aliens exist!

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5 Strongest Signs of Aliens and Alien Life | Alien Proof Documentary 2017 | NASA Alien Sightings

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