New Nikon Mirrorless Camera & the RED HYDROGEN!

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Please watch: "Canon 6D II Dynamic Range is Worse!"

Big news from Nikon: It appears as though they are working on a brand new mirrorless camera geared toward the “smartphone generation” butt superior to rival camera in quality. At least that’s what the companies president says.

Nikon Rumors reports that the quote was given by Nikon President Kazuo Ushida in an interview witha Japanese newspaper.

There are a lot of speculations swirling now but it does seem odd to try yet again even after the massive layoffs at Nikon just a few months ago! It seems like folks are really wanting Nikon to make something akin to the Nikon Df. Which is absolutely stunning to look at but it suffered a lot from ergonomic issues.

And then, RED just droped a new high end modular smartphone! It's called the HYDROGEN!

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