Emotional Atyachaar - Season 5 - Girlfriends ne kiya parda-faash - Episode 5


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Description: Published 2 years ago

Emotional Atyachaar - Season 5 - Episode 5
Aarti, a science student , belongs to a very orthodox family. Her mom was very strict and used to monitor all her movements and calls. But her mom promised to get her a cell phone if she managed to score 80% in her final exams, which is why she had joined biology tuition. She spent most her of her time with her best friend, Mugdha , who is tomboyish and rides a bike. Aarti is dating guy named Picasso , his real name is Mukul Srivastava, but since he used to doodle a lot, he was called Picasso by all. Because Aarti’s mom was so conservative, she used to lie to her mom to meet Picasso.
Who is the cheater? And how will he get caught?

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